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wretched_icons's Journal

Wretched Icons - A Graphics Request Community
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Wretched Icons is a graphic request community, created by creepxcake. We take requests for all sorts of graphics, including icons and banners. For a more detailed list of what we will and wont make take a look further down this page. Our aim is to provide you with high quality graphics, in exchange we ask for nothing but credit for our work. Interested? Read the rules and make your request :)

Please read these before joining, and before making a request.

x01. When requesting here please be as specific as possible. Use the form below, otherwise your request wont get done. You must also specify a maker, you can find examples of their work below.
x02. Always give the maker who fills your request credit for their work. If you are found not crediting you will be banned, and reported to livejournal.
x03. If, for any reason, you want to edit your request then please delete the first one and re-post the edited version. Only do this if no one has picked up your request yet.
x04. Lj-cut all requests. If you don't know how to use the lj-cut code learn.
x05. I don't mind if your request picture contains nudity, as long as it's legal nudity (aka no child pornography, etc.) and as long as it's not porn. If you dont know where to draw the line, then dont request a picture with nudity at all. Also, please put a warning before the lj-cut if your request contains nudity.
x06. Don't request if you don't intend on using the graphic.
x07. If you're going to be using somewhere other than livejournal then you must tell us where.
x08. Be patient. We have lives you know. Don't make any 'omgz wherez my request??!!11' posts, please.
x09. Don't promote your community/journal/site/whatever here.
x10. Don't cross-post requests. In other words, don't ask for an icon here and then ask for it in another community as well.
x11. We won't do copies of other peoples icons. Please request any copies from the original icon maker.
x12. We don't want to alter existing icons that were made for you by someone else.
x13. The only re-dos we'll do is if the mistakes are our own. If, for example, we missed out a word or something we'll re-do it. If, however, you dont like it because you weren't specific enough tough luck.
x14. If you're not an icon maker here, DONT FILL REQUESTS. You can request to become an icon maker, though.
x15. When requesting blinkies you must provide us with an example.
x16. When requesting mini movies you must provide us the movie clip in a .gif or .mpg format.
x17. Only one request every seven days. That means that if you make a request you must wait at least 7 days before making another. No matter what you request, you can only request one per week.

We have the right to alter any of the rules at any time without warning.

Use the following form when requesting.
Maker: Who do you want to fill your request? Please put this part of the form in the request subject, or before the lj-cut. You must specify a maker.
Graphic: What are you requesting? An icon, header, blinkie?
Colours: Colour names, examples or hexcodes.
Font: Font names please. If you dont know the name of a font give us an example. If you dont mind what font is used leave this blank.
Text: What do you want the icon to say?
Text Effects: Do you want any of the text in a different colour/size/font? Do you want it to fade from line of text to another?
Picture: Provide us with a picture. Either link to it or post it in the entry. If you want a text only icon state that here.
Animation: Do you want it animated? If you want it animated in a certain way explain here or show us an example below.
Example: Provide us with an example, if you have one.
Anything else?: Anything else? Want your username tagged?

Please note: not all makers make all graphics.
Please also note: When requesting a blinkie you must provide us with the blinkie you want edited. We will assume its a freeware blinkie if its not one of our examples. If it's not, then you will be to blame for any drama it causes.

Full Time
creepxcake (examples). Icons {& Mini movies}; Headers; Banners; Link Buttons; Blinkies. I'll only take a total of two banners/headers requests a week. Please limit blinkies to 10 letters or less. Please hold all requests for me until later notice. Thanks.
aragwen (examples). Icons. ON HIATUS
lipglosxletdown (examples). Icons. Headers. Banners. Most blinkies. Will only take a couple of banner requests per week. Please limit blinkies to 10 letters or less.
seducingdetour (examples). Icons. Headers. Backgrounds. ON HIATUS TILL 7/9/04

Part Time
tornfishnets (examples). Icons
Only takes amount of requests listed below.
-Watch this area Daily to see how many requests i am open for.
Icon Requests availible- 0

lilypads (examples). Icons; Banners
Only takes amount of requests listed below.
-Watch this area Daily to see how many requests i am open for.
Icon Requests available- 4
Banner Requests available- 0

Become a Maker
If you are interested in becomming a maker here leave a comment in creepxcake's journal with a link to your examples.

Quick HTML for all of you not in the know :P
lj-cut : anything you want cut here
bold : <b> bold text here </b>
underlined : <u> underlined text here </u>
italics : <i> italic text here </i>
striked-out : <s> striked out text here </s>

Link Us

If you want to do a link exchange let me know. DONT DIRECT LINK.

Link Out

Credit for the tiled background image goes to squidfingers.com/patterns