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icon request for tornfishnets!

Hiya!  This is my first request here & it's for </a></a>

Request Form

Graphic: Icon please!
Colours: light pink & dark pink
Font: Would a description of a font be okay?  Something like a bubbly print, if possible!
Text: "my little one...  Annabelle"
Text Effects: "my little one" in a small print & "Annabelle" in a larger bubbly print.  You can make "Annabelle" stand out by maybe using the darker pink color or maybe putting some sparkles or a flash on the name.  Whatever you think looks nice!
Animation: Yes please!  I liked these two examples for animation [the stars], background [except mine would be in the light & dark pink instead of the yellow & orange], & also for the size of the fonts [not the fonts themselves though]!  I can't decide which type of stars would look best... they are both beautiful!  I'll leave it up to you!!!  Thank you!  Here they are:  AND 

Example: I love the two examples above!  The stars are gorgeous, the background is beautiful, and the quote is very proportioned!  XD

Anything else?: Yes please... can you tag it "Fifie311" somewhere real small in a corner?!

*Thank you very much!  I hope the picture is okay... it's a little blurry in spots, but I <3 it, and I love her! hehe  Credit will be given!!!!*

<3 Daniela

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