Zinzi. (creepxcake) wrote in wretched_icons,

Pick-up for silicated
These probably aren't what you had in mind, but I got confused when doing your request. I like how they turned out, but if you don't feel free to request them someplace else =]

Everyone else, please note that I am still not taking requests. I will make a post telling you when I am.
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Oh. My. God. They are all fantabulous, and I think I just fell with the third one. Beautiful, girl, beautiful. <333 Saved all of them, and will credit when I use them. At the moment my community's still "work in progress". :D

Thanks so much, again. :D
Wow.. you like them? I wasn't sure that you would, but I'm glad you do! =]

Your communities a rating community.. right? Link me when it's up & I'll join.
...Of course I do! :D I love all your work, actually. Thanks soo much again.

Yup, it is a rating community. It's not based on looks though; it focuses more on the personality. :D Yay, you'll join? Great! :) I'll be sure to tell you when it's up already...as I said, it's still work in progress, I'm still making the rules and everything. :D
Okay =] well yea.. I'll join. ^_^